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July 11-12, 2019


Funeral Arranging for the Embalmer - In the Age of Cremation

Recognized by the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice  for

12 CEU's


Arizona Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers (PENDING)

Registration Fee $495 USD for 2 day event includes take home material.

With cremation at nearly 90% in some markets in Canada and the United States, and embalming decreasing, things need to change. This seminar will take a look at the funeral profession through the eyes of an Embalmer and a Cremation Expert. The idea that cremation families do not want to embalm or spend money is a complete misconception. "Traditional" funeral service, embalming and cremation can go hand in hand and it is our job as funeral professionals to know how to grow and change to meet the ever changing needs of our families.  


Meet Your Instructors

Larry Stuart, Jr.
Cremation Expert

Larry is a cremation expert, thought leader, consultant, innovator, entrepreneur, author, public speaker and trainer specializing in all dimensions of the cremation space. Throughout his career Larry has seen first hand how misconception about cremation and its place in funeral service has done damage to the mindset of our profession. 

Click the pic for more information about Larry. 

Karl Wenzel, CFSP
Embalming Expert

Karl, an internationally renowned licensed funeral director and expert embalmer, will share his technical expertise and progressive models for better serving families in a cremation heavy demographic. Karl believes, with a bit of training and practice, it is rare that someone cannot be made viewable. Especially for cremation families. 

Click the pic for more information about Karl. 

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