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Multi colored lip color pallet used as a universal makeup coverage for all lips. This dry makeup replaces all oil and water based makeup cosmetic lip colors . Goes on wet when pallet squares are sprayed with activator. Dries in less than one minute. It will not rub off or smear when dry. 

**NEW** Lip Color Pallet

SKU: 217537123517253
  • Why PMRC Cosmetics?

    • Stable

      • Does not smear, rub off, need touchups, transfer, melt, sweat, etc.

    • Affordable

      • Less ​work and labor means added dollars to your bottom line.  Fix it once and be done!

    • Easy to work with

      • Quick learning curve, predictable response​

    • Amazing results

      • Attainable performance never before seen using traditional products.

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