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For the moderately active funeral home the standard makeup kit is exceptional. It contains all the makeup supplies, tools and materials to perform complete restoration as well as corrective cosmetics for beauty and enhancement. Shelf life is 25 years. 

    Standard Kit

    SKU: 100001




    • Activator
    • Adhesive
    • Brush Cleaner
    • Compound Putty
    • Dual FULL color pallets 
    • Filler
    • FULL Kife Brush Kit 
    • Light & Dark Base Coat
    • Powder 
    • Remover
    • FULL sponge collection
    • Instrutcion DVD
    • Instruction Sheet

    Standard Kit

    SKU: 36523641234523
    • Why PMRC Cosmetics?

      • Stable

        • Does not smear, rub off, need touchups, transfer, melt, sweat, etc.

      • Affordable

        • Less ​work and labor means added dollars to your bottom line.  Fix it once and be done!

      • Easy to work with

        • Quick learning curve, predictable response​

      • Amazing results

        • Attainable performance never before seen using traditional products.

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