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Due to the overwhelming demand of our Standard Kit, we proudly introduce the Student Kit for mortuary and embalming schools across the nation. As with the Standard Kit, the new Student Kit has everything required to achieve incredible results using our corrective makeup and reconstructive products and techniques. All of the elements in this kit have been carefully chosen by our team of Hollywood makeup artists and embalming consultants. All makeup elements work in a complimentary fashion with one another, allowing the student to focus on the task at hand without common struggles and mis- haps from using wax, and store bought makeup products which are not compatible with non- living tissue. 

Student Kit (College Affiliation Required)

SKU: 364215376135199
  • Why PMRC Cosmetics?

    • Stable

      • Does not smear, rub off, need touchups, transfer, melt, sweat, etc.

    • Affordable

      • Less ​work and labor means added dollars to your bottom line.  Fix it once and be done!

    • Easy to work with

      • Quick learning curve, predictable response​

    • Amazing results

      • Attainable performance never before seen using traditional products.

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