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Faye Doucette

Owner, Belvedere Funeral Home

Charlottetown, PEI

Former President FSAC

"Over the years I have attended many of Karl's seminars.  Karl not only has extensive knowledge and expertise in embalming but has a very pleasant way of presenting it.  I believe his extensive knowledge in the area of embalming and in particular reconstruction is second to none.  In my opinion Karl is certainly a Master of the Art.  I am always happy to recommend and support a person who has developed exceptional expertise in his/her field and Karl is truly one who has done that.  I would recommend Karl to anyone who needs hands on assistance or training.  I know he is an asset to funeral service and we are fortunate to have him at our service!  Karl's pleasant quiet demeanour is also applaudable as an instructor and presenter.  We are most fortunate to have Karl Wenzel in our profession as a leader who can help us further our knowledge and expertise to better serve the families who placed their trust in us."​



Phil Fredette

Past President, FSAC

"Throughout my career in funeral service I've had the need to call on Karl for his expertise in decedent reconstruction or embalming training.  His knowledge and talents in this important art is unprecedented.  It's exciting news to hear that Karl is opening an institution to now share his knowledge with other instructors in this art.  I recommend Karl Wenzel to anyone or any firm looking to increase their embalmer's technique in pursuit of the highest quality of decedent care and reconstruction."​


Poul Lemasters, Esq.

Owner, Lemasters Consulting

Funeral Director


"Death care is a unique profession.  When it comes to information about death care there are few people who understand and truly have a working knowledge not only of the written side, but hands-on knowledge as well.  Karl Wenzel is one of those people.  In my experience, having needed expert opinions on various death care issues, Karl was always one who could deliver.  Not only did he have the answers; he had a way to present it that made sense to everyone.  If ever in need, Karl is one of my first calls."


Larry Stuart, Jr.

Owner, Cremation Strategies & Consulting

CANA Faculty

ICCFA Cremation Coach

CSAP Instructor

Have been around funeral service since I was a teenager and I have met some incredible people doing incredible things over the years.  Few stand out like Karl Wenzel.  When it comes to advanced reconstruction and understanding the value and comfort of viewing their loved one brings to a family who think they won't be able to, there is no one better than Karl.  I am proud to call him a friend and I am happy that he is using his talent to help funeral service practitioners improve their craft and train and inspire the next generation of embalmers."


Patrick Brown

Managing Director, Hillcrest Funeral Home

Saskatoon, SK

I have had the opportunity to know Karl for over 10 years and I have seen firsthand the remarkable way in which he cares for the deceased.  Karl is very passionate about the work he provides and so I was very excited to hear he was opening a school to offer advanced reconstruction and embalming techniques.   Many of my staff have already expressed interest in learning from Karl.  He has an amazing gift….one that not only positively affects the lives of the families’ we serve, but one that is truly an asset to the funeral profession.  Congratulations my friend.


Marc L. Melanson

Co-Owner, Frenette Funeral Home

Moncton, Shediac, Cap-Pele, NB

Executive Director NBFDEA

I would like to congratulate Karl Wenzel, Roger Girouard, Todd Van Beck and Glyn Tallon on the formation of the new Canadian School of Advanced PREP Post-Mortem, Reconstruction & Embalming Practices. I have been fortunate to assist many of Karl’s presentations and education seminars and seen his work first hand. He has presented to us at the New Brunswick Funeral Directors and Embalmers Association continuing educations seminars . His commitment to furthering skills and techniques in reconstructive and embalming practices is truly commendable. It is great to have an opportunity to advance and perfect skill sets at home in Canada. All the best in your future endeavour!              

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