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Our goal is to educate and share our experiences and skills with embalmers and funeral professionals across Canada and the United States to inspire all to grow not only their skills but also their self-confidence to realize that anyone, with a little practice and confidence can accomplish the impossible!


As professional embalmers we must set the standards for the future of our profession.  We can only do that by sharing that knowledge through continued education. CSAP will help you grow stronger as funeral professionals.


We teach the latest techniques and skills that are revolutionizing our profession.

CSAP offers a variety of classes to improve your skills, both in-house training in a local facility or in a conference centre. We offer both lecture style education and comprehensive hands-on classes. 

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Class Reviews & Photos

A fun look back at students and friends that came together to learn and have fun


Read some of the kind words written about our Instructors and School

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